Important notes
  1. For those who plan to participate in the 2019 Spring Meeting of Acoustical Society of Japan, please complete your pre-registration on the website as early as possible. By completing the pre-registration, it means that you have completed the necessary procedures for participating in the conference. We will be sending you the invoice according to your membership type, so please complete the payment as soon as you can.
    The pre-registration deadline is February 12th. After that, please register at the reception at the conference venue during the conference. If you are registering at the conference’s venue, you will need to hand in your “On-site registration form/会場参加登録用紙”.
    If you would like to be sent the proceedings prior, we will deliver it to you before the start of the conference. (The proceedings will be sent after February 22nd.) The proceedings will also be available to be picked up at the reception at the venue itself during the meeting.
  2. Please become a member first if you are not one already. To become a member, please go to
  3. For those who do not know their membership number, please either contact our staff, or put ‘unknown’ and we will verify it for you. If you have applied to become a member, but do not know your membership number, please put ‘application in progress’, or fill in the 6 digit number from the email notifying you of your membership application. If you are not a member, please fill in ‘non-member’. For non-member students, please enter ‘non-member student’.
  4. For your name and address in alphabets or numerical forms, please use Hankaku (half-width) characters.
  5. If you belong to a university or institute, please fill that in instead of work address.
  6. For phone and fax numbers, please use hyphens as follows: area code – phone code – number.
  7. Asterisks indicate required fields.
  8. For the required fields, if you do not have anything to fill in, please enter a space.
  9. As a general rule, we include the date on invoices and other documents. For special requests regarding invoicing, please let us know in the ‘Message for the secretariat’ field.
  10. For those who would like to be sent their proceedings prior to the meeting, please check the box and put in the address for it to be sent to. For those who do not need their proceedings before the meeting, we will give them out at the reception during the event. However, you must bring your exchange slip to receive the proceedings.
  11. After the registration, you cannot change or modify any of the content. However, you will be able to view your submitted content with the registration number and password sent to you via email. If there are any mistakes, please email the secretariat at or call 03-5256-1020 by February 12th.
  12. The information you have submitted will only be used when necessary for the meeting and operations of the conference.

Participant Info  (*mandatory)
Membership type
Participation fee Yen (Participation fee is inputted automatically)
Membership number
Name (Last)
Name (Given)
Date of birth
Information for creating invoice:
Billing name
Required documents  invoice   quotation  
Information required for sending invoice:
Billing address Work/University Home 
If invoice is to be sent to work/university address:
Work postal code
Work prefecture
Work address 1
Work address 2
Work telephone number
Work FAX
Work email
Work name
Work department
Work department 2
Work name of supervisor
If invoice is to be sent to home:
Home postal code
Home prefecture
Home address 1
Home address 2
Home telephone number
Home FAX
Home email
Information required for posting proceedings prior to meeting
I would like to have the proceedings sent to me prior to the meeting Yes No 
Address same as invoice different address 
Postal code
Address 1
Address 2
Telephone number
Department 2
Will you be attending the conference dinner? Yes No 
(Since we won’t be including the invoice for the dinner, please pay on the day.)
Message for the secretariat